History of AAUW in Indiana


1889 (November 16)

Indiana Branch of the “Main Alumnae Association” was formed in Indianapolis, with Mrs. May Wright Sewall acknowledged as the founder, along with 20 charter members. In 1909 she was given an honorary membership in the Indiana Branch. (Note: the 1931 book says the Indiana Branch -at Indianapolis- was ‘accepted in 1890.’)


The “Indiana Branch” became the Indianapolis Branch, and the Bloomington Branch was formed (January 13). From this branch came a national vice-president (Dr. Agnes E. Wells, 1925-1929) and the first woman trustee of IU (Mrs. S. F. Teter, 1924-1945).


Indiana Branch counted 160 members.

Sources: History of the Indiana Division of the American Association of University Women 1923-1949; and History of the American Association of University Women, 1881-1931 – Marian Talbot and Lois Kimball Matthews Rosenberry (1931)